Decades of Experience

What is a team? A team is a group of individuals brought together because of their collective skills. They are guided by experience, inspiration and integrity. They form a unit with a singular purpose- to be the best they can be.

Whether it’s winning a championship or developing a winning organization, the principles are the same. Our predecessor company, Container Corporation of Carolina (CCC), founded by Brian A. O’Leary, had a creed we adhere to today, “The Quality of Our Service and Success Is in Direct Proportion to Our Team’s Dedication to Excellence”.

We are proud of the team of highly experienced professionals we have brought together. From our Chairman to our drivers, the entire O’Leary Group Waste Systems team shares that same commitment.

Our Team
Brian A. O’Leary – Owner and Chairman
Brian M. O’Leary – Owner and President
Jimmie Jones – General Manager
Chuck Duncan – Corporate Development
Barbara S. Grotzke – CPA, Director of Finance
Robin Turner – Director of Sales
Greg Schwarz – Operations Manager
Barbara Handschin – Administrator
Michelle Rath – Account Executive
Darcie Dyer – Account Executive
Liz Orlando – Account Executive